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Urgent Notice, Urgent Notice,
Bangladesh (01), India White (91) and Pakistan White (9232) Rate Will Be Increasing (High)
On Date: 23-03-2017.

UAE:- "Free Data (only Du Sim)", "Social Data" "WiFi" And Normal Data's Dialer For Android: Operator Code: 33333 And Dialer Link: Click Here

Our Dialer
iTel Platinum Dialer # HelloByte # TP Smart # iTel Dialer Plus # Pc2Phone
iTel Mobile Dialer Operator Code
50005 : KSA And Qatar All Network
33333 : UAE All Network
89546 : Oman AllNetwork
10001 : For Other All Country All Network
 Download Link
Play Store: Click Here

KSA And Qatar All Network
(2) Nokia Link: http://vspkb.net:8720/50005226.sis
(3) Android Link: http://vspkb.net:8720/50005363.apk
Play Store: Click Here

UAE All Network
Mobile Dialer OP: 33333  Mobile Play store: Click Here
TP Smart Dialer
Operator Code : 33033
(13) Platinum: Click Here

(14) TP Smart: Click Here

iTel Platinum
(4) Nokia: http://vspkb.net/33333374.sis
(5) Android: http://vspkb.net/33333383.apk
Play Store: Click Here

uTel Dialer
Operator Code : 33033
(13) Gold: Click Here Or
(14) Ultra: Click Here Or

Oman All Network

iTel Platinum (1st User)
(6) Nokia Link: http://vspkb.net:8720/89546220.sis
(7) Android Link: http://vspkb.net:8720/89546363.apk
Play Store: Click Here

Hello Byte (2nd User)
Brand Pin: 11011
(11) Symbian: Or
(12) Android: Or
(13) Etisalat WiFi Android:
(14) Play Store: Click Here

Other All Country
(8) Nokia Link:  http://vspkb.net:8720/10001226.sis
(9) Android Link: http://vspkb.net:8720/10001363.apk
Play Store: Click Here

PC2Phone Dialer
(KSA: (23) http://vspkb.net/50005.exe
UAE: (24) http://vspkb.net/33333.exe
Oman: (25) http://vspkb.net/89546.exe
All Country: (26) http://vspkb.net/10001.exe

Customer Details Record(CDR)
(17) http://king-bird.net/cdr

          No Need to Use The Dialer

Voillo Dialer (For All Network)
Operator Code : 3401
Download Link
Follow bellow steps-
1.Uninstall the dialer.
2.Reinstall dialer from bellow link.
Symbian :
Ultra -For* Etisalat free data / Etisalat 3g data/Etisalat social**

Voillo Dialer - * All wifi/Du freedata/Du 3g data/Du social & All other country***
Android :
Voillo Ultra - **Etisalat & DU free data/Etisalat & DU social**

Voillo Dialer - **All wifi/Etisalat & DU 3g data & All other country**

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